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Tribulation and Escape

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Book-club and small group discussion favorite, with enough controversy to spark involvement from all your group members!

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There are many books on the market that address the final seven years of Earth's history. Many of them leave the reader confused and with more questions than they answer. In Tribulation and Escape, Carl Facciponte uses a common sense, logical approach to explain what will be happening in the earth-shattering time known as the Tribulation Period.

You will enjoy his conversational tone as he clears up the mystery and confusion surrounding of the Seal Judgments, Trumpet Judgments, and the Bowl/Vial Judgments. Also discussed will be the nature and rise of the person known as the Antichrist, who comes to power and ruthlessly rules the globe. Most importantly, he will discuss where we are now on the countdown timeline to the Tribulation, including what events to watch for in the news that signal that the end is drawing near.

Not being one to shy away from forging new roadways into traditional thinking, the author boldly discusses the topic of the Rapture of the Church and adds his own controversial viewpoints (in love) to spice the pot, spur discussion, and promote individual research and fact-finding.

Although a strongly faith-based writing, this book is well suited for book-club and small group discussions for both Christians and non-Christians, and is sure to provide fodder for lively discussions.

Click here for a sample from the book.