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Tribulation and Escape

Blessings From Ethiopia

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A cathartic memoir of the author's trip to Ethiopian slums and leper colonies. Fully illustrated with color photos on nearly every page.

There are some books that simply grab your heart and will not let go. This is one of them. Join the author as he simply documents his personal thoughts and feelings as he travels with a group of friends through Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Enjoy good times together at a traditional wedding feast, and cry your heart out in pain as you encounter the desperate lives of people who live in the city dump, eating whatever refuse they can find. Be encouraged as you visit leaper colonies and see people with virtually no fingers making a living weaving cloth and doing needle-point. Your heart will swell with pride as you hear the story of a variety of Americans who are living in Ethiopia and are making a real difference in the lives of the most destitute people.

It is guaranteed that you will never see yourself, or your personal problems, in the same light after reading Blessings from Ethiopia. Available in eBook form only due to the large number of color photographs, which make hard copy printing cost prohibitive.

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