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About Carl Facciponte

Carl Facciponte travels the world and gathers his book concepts and content from those travels. Carl leverages his BS in Sociology and his MS in Instructional Technology from the Rochester Institute of Technology to internalize and organize topics for his non-fiction books.

His latest book, "Tribulation and Escape", addresses the oft misunderstood and confusing concepts surrounding the last seven years of Earth's history, commonly called the Tribulation Period. Carl carefully, logically, and oft-times controversial, demystifies the topics with easy to understand language. This book has been engineered and written specifically to spur spirited discussion among your reading or study groups. Carl has been building his expertise in end-time events for over a decade.

He is also the author of "Blessings from Ethiopia", a very heavily illustrated, cathartic, review of his visits to AIDS compounds, leper colonies, and orphanages in Ethiopia. His writing style will both tear at your heart and lift your spirit as you meet extraordinary young Americans who are making a difference as they work with these outcasts.

Although he has lived in the states of Illinois, South Carolina, and California, he was born in, and currently lives in, upstate New York where he says, tongue in cheek, that he loves living in New York because seasonal weather changes are delivered free, right to your very own doorstep without having to drive anywhere else to get them. He also quips that if you don't like the weather, just wait twenty minutes and it will change.

Carl teaches Photography, Marketing, Personal Finance, Creation/Evolution, and Microsoft Office courses as electives at the high school level. He and his wife are Directors of a seven-month adult Catechism program in their home church, as well as being active in the mission field.

Carl is comfortable and proficient speaking to small or large groups and is available for speaking engagements. He has been a featured lecturer at the Mid-Atlantic Nuclear Training Group nuclear industry training conventions where he speaks on training design and development techniques for the nuclear power industry.