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About Carl Facciponte

Carl Facciponte travels the world and gathers his book concepts and content from those travels to incorporate into his fiction and non-fiction books.

His favorite destination: the Amazon River.
Why: He loves to work with the indigenous people in the rain forest on their construction projects.
Challenges: He doesn’t speak their language. Hearts supersede languages.

Although he has lived in the states of Illinois, South Carolina, and California, he was born in, and currently resides in upstate New York, where he says, tongue in cheek, he loves living in New York because seasonal weather changes are delivered free, right to your very own doorstep without having to drive anywhere else to get them. He also quips if you don't like the weather, just wait twenty minutes and it will change.

Carl taught Photography, Marketing, Personal Finance, Creation/Evolution, and Microsoft Office courses as electives at the high school level. He and his wife have been Directors of a seven-month adult Catechism program in their home church, as well as being active in the mission field. Carl is comfortable and proficient in speaking to small or large groups and is available for speaking engagements. He has been a featured lecturer at the Mid-Atlantic Nuclear Training Group nuclear industry training conventions where he speaks on training design and development techniques for the nuclear power industry.

Published Books: (from newest to oldest)

"ANA   Reborn"

ANA is a sequel to "Gabriella". The lab which made her, AI Concepts, Incorporated, constructed Ana for the military in search of the ultimate fighting soldier. To save development time, they downloaded Gabriella's programming files into the new Ana model body. Little did they know what was instore for them. ANA continues with the same cast of characters from "Gabriella", with the inclusion of a new one, Rhett, a male AI who acts very much like a human male. 

A portion of the book takes place in Afghanistan, where Ana and Rhett are assigned duties as bodyguards to protect the nefarious General Lance Coopers. The General is receiving kick-backs from the local heroin trade. While there he commits murders, which set the stage for Ana and Rhett to attempt to get free from military rule and live their lives as normal human beings, or so they think. No plan is perfect.

We have all heard about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is working it’s way into virtually every facet of computer programming and engineering. Even some toasters for home have AI components. Both Industry and the Military are pushing the limits of AI functionality to include AI pet-like robots and even humanoid robotics capable of performing unassisted acrobatics. Companies in the entertainment business have been diligently working on creating ever more human looking robotic faces and bodies.

Examples of current humanoid AI status includes, but is certainly not limited to:

· In 2017, the robot Sophia was given Saudi Arabian citizenship.

· In Japan, a man has legally married an AI robot.

· AI powered wives and husbands currently can be purchased for as much as $1,500,000.

This book takes current real-world research and brings it one tiny step into the very near future. All of the technology mentioned or required in this book currently exists, but as of the date of this writing, haven’t been integrated into a working AI... Yet!

“Gabriella, ‘till death do us part… maybe

To be human…
… does it require blood and bones?
Gabriella West is an android, but she’s special.
She lives on her own, falls in love, and wants a family.
Only her creators and the government know she is a machine.
In her quest to become human, she collides with sexual awareness, military deception, murder, sinister programming, and the search for God with a divorced pastor and his young daughter.
How thin IS the line between human and machine?  

'Gabriella' seeks to do more than present a riveting science fiction story. It carefully explores the salient differences between humans and machines, trying to identify the boundary where they cross-over.
If an android can think and learn autonomously, would they be human? If it can feel affection and love, if it can enjoy everything that a regular human can, including sexual relationships, would that make it human?
But animals can also display these traits. There must be more to being human. Is it the search for an understanding of God that is the differentiating factor? Or is it man's ability to lie, cheat, and kill that differentiates us?
In a thrilling story of intrigue and scientific development, 'Gabrielle' questions the boundary between human and machine.

"Tribulation and Escape"

This non-fiction work addresses the oft-misunderstood and confusing concepts surrounding the last seven years of Earth's history commonly called the Tribulation Period. Carl carefully, logically, and sometimes controversially, demystifies the topics with easy to understand language. This book has been engineered and written to spur spirited discussion among your reading or study groups. Carl has been building his expertise in end-time events for over a decade.

"Blessings from Ethiopia"

Blessings from Ethiopia is a very heavily illustrated (photos on virtually every page), cathartic, review of Carl's visits to AIDS compounds, leper colonies, city dumps where people eat whatever they can find, and various orphanages in Ethiopia, including an HIV+ young children's orphanage. Stories from working in the waiting center of Operation Smile will warm your heart as children with severe deformities are restored by volunteer surgeons. His writing style will both tear at your heart and lift your spirit as you meet some extraordinary young Americans who are making a difference in people's lives as they work with these outcasts.